Our Mission

In today’s uncertain times there is something we can all be sure of. Our first responders are the real superheroes, and today more than ever before, they need our support! Despite civil unrest and a difficult social and political environment, firefighters, police and paramedics save lives every single day. Other heroes, veterans and active military personnel who have sacrificed life and limb for our freedom, also deserve our help. Together, we can give back to the families of these heroes in a way that they deserve.

Help for Heroes

When one of these heroes is injured or loses their life in the line of duty their families often struggle with everyday living. Whether they struggle to pay their medical bills, their mortgage, or their utilities, or they now need to make modifications to their home for handicap accessibility, or they struggle financially to provide for their children’s education, it is our mission to ease their burden.

Not only have many of these heroes given their lives to protect our freedoms, some have suffered as prisoners of war. Over 82,000 are still missing in action. The worst thing that can happen to these heroes is for them to be forgotten. At Helping Heroes Colorado we will never forget! Part of our mission is also to educate today’s youth about POW/MIA/KIA so America remembers!

Financial Support

Help ease the burdens of these families and help us educate today’s youth about today’s real superheroes. Click Here to donate to Helping Heroes Colorado. Helping Heroes Colorado, through it’s non-profit partner, is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization so your donations are tax deductible! Thank you for your support. 

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