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Helping Heroes Colorado provides opportunities that improve the lives of  military veterans and first responders who’ve experienced service  trauma on their journey of recovery . Your donations create activity-based, stress-free programs that promote camaraderie and therapeutic healing.

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Over 50 Years of Advocacy

We advocate for justice for Colorado’s veterans, service members, first responders and their families on an array of issues and continue to be the voice for our state’s heroes everywhere.

"After that trip, I can honestly say that suicide is off the table. I learned from the others that were there, that have invisible wounds like me and that I can help others through the experience I have been through. "

-Dean W. Army Special Ops

Are you a veteran or first responder looking to connect with others?

Click below to learn more, find support, and become a part of our community.

Our Mission

In today’s uncertain times there is something we can all be sure of. Our first responders are the real superheroes, and today more than ever before, they need our support! Despite civil unrest and a difficult social and political environment, firefighters, police and paramedics save lives every single day. Other heroes, veterans and active military personnel who have sacrificed life and limb for our freedom, also deserve our help. Together, we can give back to the families of these heroes in a way that they deserve.


Isolation because of the COVID19 Pandemic has negatively impacted the physical and mental health of combat-wounded veterans, please consider donating monthly and be a Hero to our Heroes!

Warrior Bonfire on Amazon Prime Video

Step inside a Warrior Bonfire Purple Heart Retreat to see and hear directly from veterans why recreational and small group therapies are needed. Episode 1 of 6, Colorado Cold.

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